samedi 22 septembre 2012

Un titre sur une superbe compilation/ New track on a great compilation

Une compilation multi genres!

Appearing on a great compilation! 

Apparation sur une excellent compilation!

Side1        HERE/ICI :

Side 2       HERE/ICI :

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  1. Note from the label:

    "Cyanur prod is an industrial net label for dark folk, neo folk, dark ambient, medieval ,ritual or industrial music. Perfect for first demos or more if you want.

    Cyanur prod is a musical project!

    That means : no politic, no phylosophy, no propagand or religions.

    Artists are responsibles for their works and artwork.

    Cyanur Prod will not express its opinion on the current events and will not practice censorship.

    ...To be a part of Cyanur Prod, it's very simple : contact us at this email :

    Your work will be on Creative COmmons license and MP3 320 kbps.
    If some of you want to sell CDR or others "physical" productions, please say it to me.

    If you download a production, please, feel free to send us a message in our guestbook. And if you like our net label, feel free to advertise :)

    To us, the most important is to share feelings.
    Welcome on our web site and good surf."